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I'm a Connecticut-raised, Boston-based guitarist who has been playing for about 8 years. From the very beginning, I've been focused not on learning popular material, but on improving my technique and exploring new ways of playing the instrument. While chatting after a theater audition, a friend and fellow musician asked "So do you just sit around all day trying to figure out weird ways to play the guitar?" as if that were an unusual activity for a person to be doing. "Yeah, pretty much." I responded, as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

I find it difficult to classify my music in any conventional way. This is not to imply that it somehow transcends genres or anything pretentious like that, but merely that I like to pull bits and pieces from different places, throw it together, and hope for the best. The artists that have influenced me the most include Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Devin Townsend. I also listen to some other random stuff, like Radiohead, various a capella groups, and video game soundtracks.

My instrument of choice is a 1981 Ibanez AS-100, a versatile hollowbody electric that my father has owned since before I was born. I don't use picks, pedals, capos, slides, alternate guitars, wacky effects, or a whammy bar. My objective is not to amass a pile of expensive equipment, but to seek the answer to the question: What can one man do with one guitar?

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Ryan Malloy Boston, Massachusetts

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